Saturday, March 5, 2011

For Your Heart and More Leading Anti Aging Drs. Recommend Omega III

On Saturday our church ladies had a presentation by The Long Island chapter of Women Heart.  ( This presentation told me much of what I knew, but more importantly, was a strong reminder of what I need to DO.  One of the women presenting to us had a heart attack at 59, with her only symptom being fatigue and a little indigestion (something that we all experience at times).   I have concluded things do need to be changed in our lives.  Some of the foods we eat need to be eliminated and regular exercise increased.  These are not things we haven't done before, so, I know we can do it again; it just needs to become a permanent part of our lives.

One day after this talk, my husband said "You know, you really should take Omega 3 every day."    He showed me an article, with facts about its affect on cardiovascular health, like this statement from Don Colbert, MD "Omega 3 improves circulation. Helps lower triglyceride levels. Protects your heart. Improves joint movement and promotes brain Health" I do know this, but, I tend to forget taking my pills. I love to drink my vitamins, but, not so with swallowing pills. Then just to reinforce and motivate me a bit more,  I researched and found an article by the Mayo Clinic~~the top five foods for lowering cholesterol  listed as #2~~you got it! Fish. Not ones like the common mass farmed Tilapia; the ones best for Omega 3 like lake trout, Salmon, halibut...( I know this; I teach it; I also know that it can help with weight management and joints and so many other things....
picking this topic up five days later....
My knees had been bothering me going upstairs. Two days after taking my Omega three daily...I noticed going upstairs I wasn't feeling the pain. Coincidence? I think not; the day I did not take....pain back. So this week we had fish 4 times, I took my Omega, and took better care of my heart and the heart of my husband. ❤ 
I just want to add this, Market America's Heart Health Essential Omega III with vitamin E is a superior product for a number of reasons. Most comercial products contain only a third of the actual fish oils this product contains. It 's fish oil only comes from the small fish, which will not contain the amount of toxins as large fish.  You can read about the uniqueness of the product by clicking here: 

So, this week we have increased our exercise, eaten more fish, I have been diligent about taking my Omega 3.  It has been a good week.  

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  1. "A heart is a fragile thing, that's why we protect them so vigorously. Give them away so rarely. And why it means so much when we do." Found this today on Face book, couldn't not share it!


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