Thursday, February 17, 2011


So good for you!
Looking to have a fresh start to spring? Yes it is on its way...Get a fresh start! Does drinking lemon water daily sound exciting to you? I did not think it would, but there are amazing benefits to this little citrus fruit squeezed into water. Besides being Vitamin C rich, it also contains vitamin B, has calcium, riboflavin, magnesium, just to name a few nutrients.
Too much cozying up next to the fire with hot chocolate and cookies this winter could be cause for your spring wardrobe fitting little snug. Adding lemon water daily can assist you in any weight loss program. It paves the road to quicker weight loss; it will help your body to eliminate toxins, cleanse and even help with some of your aches and pains because it is a diuretic. A great way to start your morning would be to take hot water (I use my biggest water glass) and squeeze half a lemon into it, before you have caffeine. If you cannot contemplate plain water and lemon, add a bit of agave nectar or honey. If you start out with a smaller piece of lemon, your taste buds will grow to accept it without sweetener, so I would recommend just try it that way. When I was on a veggie detox, starting my day with this, on about the fourth or fifth day it actually tasted sweet. I read a recommendation to actually do this twice a day; I may try that because there are so many other benefits to doing so.
It will help your complexion, keep you regular, aid in digestion, its antibacterial properties can help with sore throats and respiratory issues (I actually wipe down my wood cutting board with it rather than soap--then lightly rub in Mineral Oil~that is an extraJ), helps lower blood pressure and relax the mind (stress reduction), and, the pectin can also assist in cholesterol lowering. There are too many benefits as far as I can see to not incorporate this into daily intake. Why, it sounds like sitting down and relaxing with a nice cup of tea as my grandmother used to enjoyJ, not discounting the benefits of green tea here of course, but her tea consisted of lots of sugar and milk taking the benefits away other than it was her method to relax.

So, get your system ready for the freshness of spring. Start your day cleansing and purifying; add to that an exercise routine, healthy eating, and, you will be off on the right foot. When you bring out your spring wardrobe, it will still fit; as an added benefit you just might also have glowing skin to match it. Did I mention anti-aging as well? TimelessBeauty4U!

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