Monday, April 16, 2012


It is definately time for me to get back on track with this blog... it has been far too long!  I am just coming down from a very exciting weekend in Australia.  As a matter of fact, my husband and I have been here for nearly three weeks already and ill be heading back home one week from today.
As our body clocks have been turned upside down, sleep is prime importance to us.  We are getting into this time zone and will be turning ourselves back upside down again.  Sleep is so important for our mental and physical well being!  As soon as we get home, we have this waiting for us...
Did you know that a lack of sleep can actually accelerate the aging process.  As we enter our prime years, we seem to have a harder time sleeping through the night.  Drugs are not a good solution because there can also be so many side effects from them.  
So, if you are having trouble sleeping through the night, why not look for better ways to sleep through.  Make a regular bedtime routine, perhaps a nice relaxing bath to clam down. (Much better than an action filled TV program, wouldn't you think?)  Then you can read something to encourage you and finally, if that does not work for you, go the natural route.  Created with new technological breakthroughs in the anti-aging field, Prime Dreamz is a unique product designed for anyone who is having trouble with restful sleep.  It contains Magnesium (a mineral many of us are short on) along with herbs that will help you fall into a restful deep sleep and wake up in great form.  
Get your beauty sleep to feel refreshed, energized and look your best!

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