Saturday, November 6, 2010

Setting Clock Back Tonight ?
There appears to be mixed feelings about this.  Personally, I am not sure which side I would be on.  I surely don’t like getting up with it so dark in the morning (generally I am a morning person).  In light of that (no pun intendedJ), does it really matter to me if it is dark at 5PM or 6PM?  Probably not.  If asked to vote on this, I suppose I would vote to keep it as we are doing; spring ahead and fall back.   Now, today will be a very long day, especially if I decide I can stay up an hour longer.
Now, how will our bodies react to this?  They will adjust as they always do.  As the days have grown shorter, we tend to snuggle in for the winter spending more time indoors. 
Our skin dries out more because of the heat in our homes and the lower humidity levels.  Be sure to drink your water to hydrate your bodies (don’t forget, your skin is your largest organ).  Many of us equate drinking lots of water with the heat of the summer; we should drink just as much (if not more) during the winter months to really keep ourselves hydrated.  Dry skin, chapped lips, brittle nails are all symptoms of winter, but also of a body without enough water.  We may drink more tea, coffee, hot chocolate all with caffeine which can be debated whether or not they cause you to lose more water than they put in.   You might consider some Herbal Teas if it is hard to drink water when the weather is colder.  Just because the air is colder does not mean you should be drinking less water.  If not ice cold, just drink it at room temperature.  Keep it around so you can sip throughout the day, extra if you are drinking more caffeine.
In addition to drinking more water, we need to be sure to moisturize our skin.  For chapped lips, my recommendation is a really good lip balm or treatment without petroleum additives (available here  You should also make sure that you use a good moisturizer and bath/shower gel.  Take care of your skin and it will take care of you. 
As you fall back, be sure to take care of yourself this winter.  

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  1. In Chinese medicine that ask if you are person who is thirsty who drinks or a person who is thirsty who doesn't drink. I fear, I fall in the latter and always have to MAKE myself remember to drink! My husband on the other hand, drinks constantly.


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