Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Don't Sweat the small stuff

Why is it that stress and holding bitterness are linked to so many health issues?  We are told that God's grace is sufficient for us.  Sometimes we just might have to say "but how can it be?"  Back in the 1980's, if any of you remember him, Richard Simmons was very popular at encouraging people to loose weight (whether you liked him or not, he did do it).  A phrase he often used was "Don't Sweat the small stuff".  It is no wonder, stress is actually a factor that will cause weight gain.

If you are  trying to loose weight, one suggestion is to use relaxation techniques through out your day, especially when you find yourself in a stressful situation.  Weight gain, belly fat especially, is also attributed to cardiovascular disease among other illnesses and disease.  So, if you are trying to loose that extra weight you put on over the summer (from all those bbg's perhaps), one key factor is to get rid of stress in your life. Of course, you still need to eat proper nutritious food and exercise, but hanging onto stress will also hold on to the weight.

Neither is holding onto bitterness something to take lightly for your health and wellness; it is actually a cause for stress.  If you are harboring ill feelings, you need to let go.  To everything there is a season--A time to keep and a time to let go.--Ecclesiastes 3:1,6 These words were in a song back in the 60's, funny it was an anti war song I think; I never knew the lyrics were actually adapted from the Bible.  Wise words to hold on to.

Many times bitterness comes through someone in our life, from a envy or the seed of pride. There are times that it seems as though the Lord puts someone in our lives like that to see how we deal with it.  He wants to see us forbear, not hold bitterness or be judgmental.  Simple words, yet often so hard; let go and let God.  We need to just be there, to be ready for refreshment and renewal, to love and accept.  It may be you seem alone through the process, but the important thing for you to do is let God deal with it and you just keep loving while you trust He is there. Oh, that is really hard sometimes, but God does give us what we need to do that.  You may have to think on other things, to consciously focus elsewhere, but do what you have to be happy and cheerful ~~ "A cheerful heart is good medicine.--Proverbs 17:22"   Pray for strength to get through and pray for what or who ever is challenging you.  God will make a way for you.

Yes, forgiveness, love, beauty traits from within.  Timeless.

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