Saturday, May 25, 2013

Skin Care

Skin Care
What is your skin care regime?  Do you have special needs or concerns?  No matter what your skin type, you need to  use a toner following your cleanser.  Cleansing you skin changes the ph of your skin.  Not to be scientific with you, using toner will bring your ph back to normal so that your skin will be better able to absorb your moisturizer.

If you visit www, you will be able to take a free skin care analysis with recommendations based on the answers you give to your skin.  We also have kits available that give you a discount on packages such as a 29% savings on Timeless Prescription® and Skintelligence®     Value Kit (which pulls several top recommended products from two of our lines) or 22% for Cellular Laboratories® Value Kit. 

What I love about our skin care is that they are made to synergistically work together, even if you pull from different lines.  I personally use Cellular Labs De-Ageing Crème at night and Lumiere de Vie during the day. 

So, back to skin care and the “how to”…you need to cleanse, tone, moisturize and use sun block EVERY DAY.  The burning effects of the sun (uvb rays) will penetrate glass, which means, even if you are in your care, you are setting yourself up for “sun damage” no matter what your age.  If it is not in your skin care or foundation, you need to add it to 
your skin care regimen. 

Summer is upon us, take good care of your skin and it will take care of your beauty timelessly. 

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