Thursday, January 20, 2011

Time for a cleanse?

With all of the holiday goodies I am sure as I, many of you are feeling this would be a good time to clean out, both your cabinets (my left over cookies have found their way into the freezer) and your system.  This morning I realized that I was hungry for lunch too soon...a sign that I have been enjoying too many holiday treats (which included several brunches of way too much breakfast food, not the type I am used to).  Over the holiday period most Americans tend to gain weight, a fact that many just seem to shrug off.

If you have ever lost any considerable amount of weight, you don't really need the scale to tell you to when to watch out; your clothes will inform you that it is time.  So, now my days are looking like I will be refilling my herbal tea cups often (that way I am sure to get extra water...I am loving Yogi Peach Detox it is Chrysanthemum Tea which has choline and that aids in fat metabolism); the teas help to calm because they have no caffiine. There have also been a lot of soups and salads served at my home lately.  I will eat better and drink lots of clear fluid to help my system cleanse from the abuse I gave it the last few months.

 Consider your body, it is the temple of God; consider what you are putting into it.  Even if you eat only fresh (if you are fortunate enough to find them) raw fruits and veggies, there would still the air you breathe to consider.  I like to cleanse myself a couple of times a year; this is one time I am just getting ready to do it.  Just think about all that you do clean on a regular basis, such as hair, skin, teeth... so, why not cleanse the inside of our bodies.  More than half of our immune cells are located within our digestive tracts; that would be where our ability to fight off colds and flu begins.  Generally, our bodies were not designed to handle the toxins of today, either in what we eat, what we breath, or even what is absorbed through our largest organ, our skin.  Clearing out the toxins inside is a good thing to do; this is a good way to start off our new year to give our goals a jump and a head start.

We should do it through our food choices and we can assist it in other ways.  Nutriclean®  7 Day Cleansing and Detoxification System is a great way to promote good digestive health and cleanse out your system.  To complement that we also carry Ultimate Aloe® juice with added nutrients and enzymes for your health.

You know that you will be more beautiful when you start from the inside out.  You will feel better, sleep better, have more energy, it is all good!

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  1. Cindy,

    I loved popping over here and seeing Lucille Ball of all people! She is one of my favorites and actually in many ways...............I feel like her sister! :)

    I look forward to getting to know you more in the months ahead.

    God bless your family!



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